finally done


Hello all my blog readers! (all two of you)

I know, I know. I have been absent…I have been downright unreachable. (is that a word?) Yes. I have been gone. I think it’s been weeks since I’ve done anything on the computer besides occasionally look at emails.
I’ve been busy.
And not in a good way either.
But we are FINALLY done with the move!!!! We finished getting things out of Deer Park last monday and I had to breathe a HUGE sigh of relief.
It’s good to be done.
Now I just wait to get the nasty email from the landlady telling me all the things that aren’t done to her standards.
To which I will politely say “just keep the deposit” and hang up.
I’m done.

So now I get to start a new chapter of my life.
Have you ever noticed when that happens??? When a new page has turned?
I noticed this time!

So….on to what has been happening in the Husk house lately…..

  • All of the furniture is pretty much in it’s place, with the exception of my scrap room…which I am starting to miss. guess I need to get those things set up and put away!
  • The kids have settled into school. M’Kayla’s teacher is going to reccommend her for “AP” classes (that’s advanced placement…my daughter is advanced…put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!) And Clayton is doing well too. He is catching up and we are finally getting him the help he needs. I’ll keep ya updated on that one.
  • Brian got 2nd place for the year at the track again. The banquet was a blast! Have you ever noticed it’s much more fun to watch the drunk people than to be the drunk people??? With age comes wisdom I guess!!!
  • I have become totally obsessed with interior design….sadly…I don’t have the funds to decorate the house because I have to pay for the house. Ironic huh? I did get myself a nice little pottery barn catalog…so I can at least dream right??
  • The holidays are coming. When did that happen??? Just when did it turn to fall and just when did thanksgiving sneak up on me??? And even more strange…when did my husband decide that shopping on black friday was a good idea??? I swear, since we bought this house he has been replaced by some cupon clipping marth stewart wanna be…it’s starting to frighten me…seriously.
  • Speaking of seriously…Grey’s anatomy is getting even better. I just wish I could get that whole patrick-dempsey-in-a-bubble-bath thing outta my head. It keeps interrupting my day. ;.)

Well…that’s about it. Although I will say, on the scrapbooking front. I miss it. I really do. But I wonder, just how do I jump back in??? How do I reconnect with people and places? Hopefully I will be able to figure that out soon. Until then…



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