It’s starting to feel like home


We are just about moved in to our new house. I simply cannot convey to you how badly I want to be DONE with this LOL! I am soooooooooo ready for all of our stuff to be moved and be done with that place in Deer Park! (and the lady who owns it)

But anyway…I finally had a few minutes to snap some photos of the new place….keep in mind we are still moving!!! Excuse my mess!!!

Here is part of my front porch…I just looove the front porch!!!!

This is the living room with the fireplace. I cannot believe they didn’t put a picture of the fireplace on the flyer!!! I think it’s so pretty!
(sorry for the fuzzy pic)

These are the steps to the upstairs (duh right?) I just love that big window up there…it lets in soooooooooo much light!

This is the upstairs foyer…I still have not decided what I want to do up here…but I love the angles of the ceilings!!!

and this is the downstairs bathroom. I’ll have to add more later, it seems my little one wants to go to the park…and I’m in a picture takin mood!!!!


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  1. CONGRATS!! When’s the housewarming party?? Cuz I miss you and if I have to go all the way there with a plant and bottle of wine to catch up with you, I will…LOLOL…

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