Call it "cottage"


I have discovered chatterbox in a room! It’s called “cottage”….it’s a home decor style. It will be my home decor style.
I have never been able to put a name to my style…but now I know what it is.
There really is nothing wrong with sticking fresh flowers in an old milk bottle with a gingham ribbon tied around it and putting it next to a vintage tea cup and saucer.
There is nothing wrong with mixing vintage car models, old reader’s digest books and some candles on the same shelf.
it’s “cottage”
I am cottage.
(and no, I’m not talkin about the cottage cheese I have on the back of my thighs…that’s a whole nother blog entry…and not a pleasant one either!)

Things are going well with the house. It looks like we will, in fact, be closing on the 2nd of October.
We will be home owners.
We will have a mortgage.
We will have to pay for repairs.
but it’s too late to change our minds now!
Not that I would. I am uber excited about owning my own home.
But it still scares the you know what outta me.
So, I guess since we are this close, I can go ahead and show you the house.
This photo is from the realtor’s website…and it’s not a great picture at all.
This “cottage” is much cuter in real life
is “cuter” a word?
So…here it is…my little blue cottage…

I simply cannot wait to put a porch swing on it…and plant some flowers…and I don’t know what else!!!
And I cannot wait to post some updated pictures of it here to share with all of you!
And I cannot wait to get back to my scrapbooking.
I actually sat in my scrap room today and worked on some assignments.
It felt good to be in there and working again.
I miss it.
I can’t wait for this whole moving thing to be over so I can scrap again and reconnect with my scrappy friends.
I feel like I have abandoned them.
I miss you all.
And I will be back. (said in my best aaaaahnald voice)
Until next time…I’m off to look at some more cottage-chatterbox-in-a-room stuff!


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  1. ooooh what an adorable cottage home *grin* I can just envision your cottage decorating through your journalling…congrats!! xoxo

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