I should open a store. Seriously.
I could sell this stress.
bottle it up.
give it away.
That would be ok…really…it would.
But it won’t work that way.
Why do I get so stressed about things???
Ok…so here is the breakdown of things as they stand…

  • We are waiting to close on the house…could be as early as the 2nd of October..which would be awesome. Because I am terrified that something is going to happen and they will say “oops..sorry…we screwed can’t buy a house after all.”
  • I just sent an email to my landlady telling her that we will not be buying her property (which I am certain she thought we would) and that we will be moving out in October.(yet another reason to freak if this house thing falls through…we will be homeless!) So I am sure i will get a surly email from her soon…oh well, what can she do? Evict us?? *Snort*
  • Brian and I have been really short with each other lately…good thing we only have to buy a house once every so often! But I’m sure things will settle down once some of this stress is over.
  • Clayton keeps getting in trouble in school. Yes. Again. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever get through to that kid. He is so smart and clever and funny and sweet…but sometimes (ok, most times) he evidentally loses his mind and does stupid stuff and gets in trouble. So I guess as soon as we get moved it’s back to the doctor we go. Yippie. Just say a little prayer for him if you are so inclined…
  • Packing sucks (see…aside from the crushing fear that the house thing will fall through..I am optimistic enough to pack…I. am. weird.) It is amazing how much junk you acquire over five years! Anyone want a set of MS Windows 95 user manuals??? Or better yet…a broken water bed frame??? (yeah..I said “HUH?” when I realized that thing never made it to the dump)
  • Shopping for new house stuff is fun! My MO: check out the rooms on and then find similar stuff at Hey…don’t laugh…I can’t afford pottery barn!
  • Finding a home for Skippy is not going to be easy. I want him to go to a good home. But no one seems to want a free horse. Hopefully something will come up soon.
  • Oh…and last but not least..I have assignments. Layout assignments. Lovely military layout assignments…that.I.have.not.started. I have GOT to get my arse in gear on those!!!!

So…there ya go…stress is so much fun isn’t it??? I’m gonna go cry now.


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  1. well at least i know you are alive and kicking!! sounds like it has been a busy time in your life but i am sure it will settle down soon….take care and know that I miss our conversations!! xoxox

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