Almost home….


That’s right everyone! A lot has happened since I last posted. So I’ll do my very best to get everyone updated.
Brian and I finally got tired of waiting for our landlady to come up with a number…so we found a house and put an offer in on it. Our offer was accepted and we are due to close on our new house on October 10th!!!
It’s been a long, stressful pricess…and we are still losing sleep…the “what if’s” have got us tossing and turning all night.
And for a guy who drives at night for a living…that is a BAD thing.
what if the house doesn’t pass inspection?
what if our financing falls through?
what if the owners decide they don’t want to sell afterall and back out?
what if the sky turns green?….seems silly to worry about things we have no control over….but we do.
Of course, along with the worrying…there is fun stuff too!
OUr new house is quite a bit bigger (and way nicer) than where we are living now…and I am having a BLAST coming up with decor ideas!!!
Iwill be sure to keep everyone posted on the progress…that is if anyone reads this thing anymore LOL!
for now…I’m off to look for decor ideas for my new BIG scraproom!!!!!


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