I’m a baaaad blogger…just bad.


I have completely fallen behind on blogging. And scrapbooking. And talking to friends. I’m just bad.
But in my defense….can I just say…buying a house is HARD!!!!
Especially in the inland northwest where apparently houses and the land they are standing on are worth their weight in gold.
Now I’m not complaining….I know there are other places in the U.S. that have a much higher cost of living….but those are places I would never live…places like California {gag} and New york, and Seattle {double gag}
and no offence to anyone who lives there…I’m sure they are lovely places…just not for me and mine.
Somehow, someone in piddly little deer park (oh wait..it’s the californians and seattle dwellers who think it’d be “fun” to live in the country) has decided that land here is worth $10,000 an acre…yes…10K an acre.
So while we qualify for $150,000….it will only buy us a run down house in the middle of Spokane.
Ok…not the middle….
the bad part.
It’s depressing me.
And still we wait….we wait to hear from our landlady, who evidentally takes great pleasure in making us squirm….and likes to tell us how “this is a decision that will effect the rest of my life and I need time to decide”
Um….I thought you decided…you wanted to sell it….what is so hard about coming up with a number?
Oh wait…you did come up with a number….$150,000.
Sadly…that is what this property will sell for.
She will get her money.
I think we will put in an offer to her next week.
I am tired if living in limbo.
On a lighter note…I did look at a house yesterday that I think I could live with.
It’s in town.
There is traffic.
There are people.
But I could make it work I guess.
Clayton would have his own room anyway.
I’d have to get rid of the horses…which would make everyone (except me) happy.
I just don’t know what to do.
I just really don’t.
I do not understand how this is so hard and stressful.
I do not want a lot.
I want a place to live..with at least three bedrooms, a garage for the race car, a spot for Honey to live, and I want it to be someplace I wouldn’t be embarrassed to invite my family to.
I really don’t want much.
I don’t care if it has “pergo floors” or a “jacuzzi tub” in the master bath…hell, I don’t care if it has a “master bath”…one toidy is good for me.
Why is that so hard?
Ok…enough of my whining.
It just seems to be an all-consuming thing.
On to other things…..
Clayton is in middle school.
did you hear me????
middle school.
When did that happen?????
And M’Kayla is in first grade.
When did that happen????
they started last tuesday and so far so good…they seem to be having a good time.
Of course it’s only the first week LOL.
Racing season is winding down.
It has blown this year.
Maybe God is trying to tell him to quit racing a buy a house.
That’ll happen.
Cha…as if…when monkeys fly outta my butt. (to quote the great wayne and garth)
Oh…and as if the middle school and first grade stuff isn’t enough…Ricky will be 4 on the 23rd…yipes.
Well…I will try to blog more often..but for now I’m going to go back to the waiting and house hunting…wish me luck…say a prayer..think of me.


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