That seems to be hard for me to do this week.
I am so overwhelmed and scared and happy and relieved all at the same time.
Some of you may know that Brian and I have wanted to buy the house we live in since we moved in five years ago.
It isn’t much.
Really…it’s nothing fancy at all…Some might even call it “nothing”.

But it is home for us.
We have always wanted a place in the country…room for the horses, room for the kids to grow, room to touch the earth, room to grow something, room to be us.
We are pretty simple souls.
We don’t strive for the big, fancy house full of pottery barn furniture.
We don’t feel the need to “keep up with the joneses”
We love our little double wide on almost 8 acres with a barn and a nice shop.
It’s our dream home.

Well, some of you may also know that it’s been a rough time for us financially for the past few years. We have never really considered that we were going to be able to buy our house anytime soon. And we were ok with that.
Then things changed.
Our land lady told us she is having some health problems and would have to sell the property…and if not to us..then to someone.
I was terrified.
would we have to move?
It was a very real possibility.
but where would we go?
it’s not exactly easy to find a place that will accept horses and dogs.
Well, Brian and I talked.
It can’t hurt to try….can it??
I wasn’t optimistic.
But we tried….we called a mortgage company and ran our info through.
She said “Oh wow….you’re pre-approved!”
I said “what?”
she said “you’re pre-approved”
I said “what does that mean???”
She said “that means you can buy your house.”
I think I may have fainted for a minute.
We are now one home inspection and a few signatures away from our dream…our simple dream.
I cannot tell you how I feel. There are so many emotions going through me right now…it’s incredible.
And while I refuse to get too comfortable…as I know that anything can happen….I have to tell you…looking out into my front yard this evening and watching the sun go down behind the moutains…I felt a peace. I felt a belonging…I felt at home.


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