Lesson #1


Some of you may remember that I had posted that M’Kayla has been bugging me to teach her to ride. Well, I didn’t really think she was so serious, until Sunday morning.
I went down to check Honey’s water, and there was my daughter…sitting on my saddle, on the saddle stand…”riding”.
I can’t put it off anymore.
So I took my stirrup leathers off the saddle, stuck a new hole in them, and sent her in the house to change.
I have never seen her so excited!!!
We went down to the barn and got Honey all brushed and saddled up and M’kayla got her first lesson.
She did just wonderfully!
She looked so little sitting up on that huge horse, and I was torn between my “worried mommy” and “proud mommy” self.
But she did an amazing job, she has a really good seat, wonderful balance, and no fear whatsoever!!!
She even conned me into letting her try to trot…for about two strides LOL! But she did it!
After it was over, she asked me “Mom, when can I jump honey in a show?”
I think Brian turned a little white.
It was fantastic!
So here are some photos Brian snapped (what a sweetie..surprised me with taking some pics!)
My little girl…my mini me.


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  1. how awesome!!!! love those photos and I am sure that she will do a great job, with you as her teacher how can she go wrong!!!
    Love your photos in the park and wonderful journaling you are doing…
    just wanted to pop in and say hi!!! and thanks for being such a great inspiration to us at TTS!!!
    love your gutz!

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