Good birthday, bad birthday


Oh my gosh we are having so much fun at !!! We are having a cyber crop this weekend and celebrating the birthday of the site as well…you need to stop by and check it out!!!

So…one of the cyber crop challenges for this weekend was to blog about your best birthday and your worst birthday…so here goes!!!

My best birthday ever popped into my mind as soon as I read the challenge!!! I will never forget my 14th birthday. My mom and step-dad had been promising me for months that they were finally going to get me a horse. I had been begging since…well…since I could remember!!! But up until that day, I was sure they were just blowing smoke. Just telling me what I wanted to hear…making empty promises.
That morning, I got up and was in a rather foul mood. I was pouting. I can admit that now. To be honest, no one even mentioned my birthday…I figured they had forgotten. (Though how can you forget the birth of a child as awesome as me?? Not to mention that I was born on the same day as the “king”…not everyone shares a birthday with Elvis!) Then Mom surprised me…she had made a cake…and my favorite dinner (fried chicken..that woman can make some fried chicken!!!) And there were two presents for me as well! maybe this birthday won’t be so bad after all! We had dinner, and cake, sang the song…and then it was time for presents! I slowly opened the first one…and I’m sure my face must have been comical…it was a hot pink and purple SADDLE BLANKET!!! I ripped open the second one…it was a halter and a lead rope!!!!! My dream was coming true. It wasn’t smoke and mirrors. It wasn’t empty promises. It was really real. I can still feel the little jump in my tummy. The very next month, February, 1990. I got to pick up my very first horse, Delilah. She was ugly, she was horrible…but she was mine. To me, she was the most beautiful thing on four legs.
I didn’t have Delilah for very long. I sold her for a fancy little paint horse named Kody….but I will never forget her. She was my birthday wish..come true!

Me and Delilah..the day I got her.

Now my worst birthday…that one I had to dig deep for. Most all of my birthday’s were made special in one way or another when I was growing up. But I do remember being extremely disappointed on my 16th birthday. I got one gift..and no, it wasn’t a car!!! A girl’s sweet 16 is supposed to be a big deal…but mine was just another birthday. It Wasn’t bad per se’, it was just ordinary…and I wanted it to be spectacular.
But one thing I can say for sure..good or bad…my birthday was always a reason to celebrate in my house..i was never overlooked. I was always made to feel special and loved..and that is the greatest gift of all.

So how about you?? What are your best and worst birthday memories???


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