The good, the bad, and the rodent…


Wow…what a couple of days it’s been!!!! I will start with the good!!!

Yesterday was good…veeeeery good. Guess what they opened in Spokane!!! can ya guess?
can ya??


That’s right my friends, the meca of greasy goodness is open on the north side of Spokane!!!
I went yesterday.
As soon as I opened the door to the van (which I will need now more than ever to haul my big hiney around town) I inhaled that aroma of seemingly healthy fish being fried to a golden brown….
I ate until I was….well…stuffed.
you must forgive me…it’s been three years since I’ve tasted that greasy goodness and crispy crunchies drenched in malt vinegar.
I may go back today.
it’s worth the gas.

Other good…ok…GREAT!!!
I made the DT at TTS!!!!!! ( )I am soooooooooo stoked!!!! I really wanted this DT position. I love the site, love the members…just love it!!! Good stuff, good stuff!!

Now the bad:
I really miss my dog. Really miss him. I guess I never realized how much I loved that ol’ mutt. But I miss him.
I shampooed the carpet yesterday.
it was nice and clean and smelly good when I went to bed.
Junior must have decided it was a little too clean.
He left me a present.
on the freshly shampooed carpet.
He’s lucky to be breathing.
dumb dog.
I get it….I really do, he had to go, no one was up to let him out. but come on…there is a LOT of bare floor in this house…did you HAVE to go on the carpet???????

Now the rodent……
I have a mouse in my house.
No, this isn’t a feble attempt to bring a Dr. Suess story to life.
I literally have a mouse in my house.
even worse…
in my kitchen.
Now, I have grown up with horses. I have had to deal with mice a LOT in my lifetime.
They don’t normally bug me.
but in my kitchen???!!!
No way.
Nuh huh.
So…this morning I initiated “operation mouse kill”
I was sitting here , quietly typing along on my computer when I heard it.
a little noise in my kitchen.
A mouse.
so I arm myself with a broom and slide along the wall.
I looked to Ricky and said “cover me”…he said “with what?”
3 year olds are not good partners for covert mouse killing operations.
So I take a deep breath and lunge into the kitchen.
(Ok…I tip toed….but lunging sounded better.)
I krept over to the counter and there he was…..Small, grey, furry, and chewing on the corner of the bag of hot dog buns.
Rodent’s got guts huh??
Our eyes locked…..
He must have seen the murder I had on my mind in my eyes…because he dropped the bag like it was on fire and with a swiftness I’m sure Lance Armstrong would envy, he disappeared below a burner of the stove.
I froze , mid swing with the broom, what was the point of continuing? I’d just smack the stove, and the stove did nothing wrong…innocent bystander.
So, I have been sitting here, listening to the minaical mouse laughter coming from the kitchen.
But I have a surprise for little “O-mousie bin laden” He can hide in his little cave all he wants…he can think he got away…..but no mouse can resist the “just one bite” I put under the counter.
Eat up mousie….This means war!!!

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  1. I’m so jealous! I love LJS. They shut them all down around here for some stupid reason!

    Congrats on the DT. What exactly is TSS? Will have to check out your hard work.

    Sorry about the dog poo and rodent trouble, been there done that. Hate both.

  2. So glad that you joined TreasurestoScrap… we are truly honored to have you as part of our team.
    Now… I had no idea you were such a gifted writer!!! you could publish this post for big bucks gal!!! you had me laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants!!!
    so sorry about your loss though, it is such a difficult thing to move on after a loved one (even fur babies) have passed.. Big hugs gal!!!

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