Buck is gone.


We woke up this morning and discovered that Buck was much worse. So Brian and I loaded him into the truck (front seat of course..that’s where he liked to ride) and we all gave him pets and hugs and some puppy smooches, and then Brian took him to the vet and he was put to sleep.
Turns out he had cancer.
We are deeply sad here.
The house seems much roomier tonight, and not in a good way.
But he isn’t hurting.
He is resting.
So long buck, we will miss you.
See you in heaven someday.
Get the kitty.
Get the birdie.


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  1. I’m so sorry you lost your fur baby. I don’t know what I would do if I lost my little Duke. He’s only been with our family less than a month, but he is a big part of us already. It’s very easy to give your whole heart to a creature who gives you his. Big hugs.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I went through this same thing in Dec. My pup of 14 years had cancer to. Just think maybe they are chasing eachother right now.

  3. so sorry for your loss… it is such a hard thing to do.. we had to put our white lab down this year as well and it is not an easy thing to over come… big hugs!!

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