A sad, sad weekend…


I want to start this post by saying thank you to all of you ladies who are visiting and leaving comments!!!! It is so nice to pop on here and see a number other than “0” at the bottom of a post LOL!!! I’m going to do my very best to return the favor!!!!

Now, onto my weekend.

We are losing Buck. I know I know, he’s just a dog. But we love him. Buck used to belong to my sister-in-law’s neighbor. We were over there one day and the kids were playing with him. I went over to pet him ( I have a soft spot for labradors) and his then owner mentioned that he had had enough and was going to take him to the pound. It seems Buck had helped himself to a freshly cooked pot roast left on the counter to cool. Silly human..don’t you know you have to push that stuff to where they can’t reach it????
I know what an older dog’s chances are at the pound. And eventhough Brian was away at drill, I knew I had to bring this dog home with me. There was no way I was going to let him go to the pound.
So home buck came.
When Brian arrived at about 1am that night…Buck met him at the door. He was growling.
He was protecting me.
Instant love.
Buck has been a very loved member of our family for almost five years now.
A really short time I know.
But buck was an old man when he came to us.
He started having trouble with his hips last year.
Trouble getting up the stairs and walking where there was no carpet.
We knew we were looking at the end of his days with us.
But so long as he is playing, eating, running, wagging his tail, begging at the table…
we would let him be.
This weekend he stopped.
He stopped playing.
He stopped eating.
He stopped running.
He stopped begging.
(he still wags his tail when he sees me.)
He can barely get to his feet.
and there are other things I won’t mention here.
I won’t mention them to spare his dignity…even dogs deserve that respect.
Buck is dying.
I am so deeply sad.
Many would say “why don’t you take him to the vet!!!! Get him medical attention!!! Save him!!!!”
To them I say this: I have worked with elderly people. I have seen that look on a woman’s face that says “please let me go”. I see that now in my dog.
I will not take him to a strange place, cold and sterile, and let a stranger stick a needle in his leg. I want him to be home, where he is comfortable, where he is happy, where he is loved.
if it were me, that is how I would want to go…surrounded by the things I love and the people who love me.
He deserves that much.
He has been a protector, companion, patient playmate of an infant who likes to pull ears.
He deserves our respect.
He will die here at home…with us.
Of course, should he seem to be in a lot of pain, I will call a vet to come here. But he will be here.
I will miss him.
And I am still unsure how I will explain this to the kids. M’Kayla has been near tears all day.
She did say “buck is going to see Jesus soon”…..so maybe she already understands…it won’t make her cry any less. It won’t make Clayton any less angry at the unfairness of it all. It won’t make Ricky stop asking “where is buck?”
Hug your fur babies today. They are special.

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  1. Oh god … I am so sorry to hear about Buck. I have 2 large dogs who will be 8 and 9 this summer. I know I’ll be dealing with what you’re going through in the coming few years, and it saddens me. My eyes welled up with tears and I got a big lump in my throat just reading about what you’re going through right now. It’s been a while since I lost a pet, but I haven’t forgotten that sadness. My heart goes out to you and Buck.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear that you are going through this…I have shed many a tear over the lose of a pet. They become part of our family and it breaks our heart when they leave us. I will be thinking of you…and saying a prayer for Buck. Hang in there.

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