Now was that really necessary???


Brian left his wallet on the counter last night. Not a good thing…he drives for a living…kinda have to have that drivers license.
So I had to take his wallet to him.
On the way home last night, I was cruising down highway 2, cruise set at 63 (speed limit is 60..but if you do the speed might get run over…stupid drivers)
I was in the “slow” lane and there was a lady driving in the “passing” lane next to me…slightly slower…she had traffic backed up behind her. Annoying as hell right? Right.
Sooo…I was not going to speed up…I know highway 2, there are always cops hidden around there. So I kept cruising along.
A few cars behind me pulled onto an exit ramp and opened up some space behind me and the other lady.
Suddenly, this guy in a pickup FLIES up behind me and ends up next to the lady in the passing lane. He leans out his window…SCREAMS at her. (lets just say, I heard him over the highway noise and my radio) and throws a full soft drink cup at her passenger window!!!! Soda flies everywhere and coats the side of her car.
I put my foot in it.
I want no part of road rage.
I guess he was mad that she was going slow in the passing lane…which I get…annoying as hell…like I said before.
my questions to this jerk are as follows:
1. why were you so mad…she was doing the speed limit…why did you think you needed to be doing 75 or 80??? The speed limit is there for a reason.
2. Did you happen to think that while you were leaning out your window, basically vandalizing her car, that had I not seen what was going on and sped up that you would have rear ended me…at high speeds …and most likely would have hurt one of my children..resulting in your death via my kicking your carcass across washington????
3. Why the attitude of self importance??? where you are going isn’t any more important than where I was going, or that lady, or any other person on that road that evening. Get over yourself.
All I can say is I’m glad (for him) that it wasn’t me he tossed the coke at…I’d have followed him….seriously. Dude would have been sorry.
For pete’s sake people..get a grip.

So…on to other things.
My father-in-law is sick.
he has a virual infection in his lungs….could turn into COPD.
He could be on oxygen and disability for the rest of his life.
one word.
I want to quit smoking now more than ever.
I’m going to quit.
I see the fear and pain in Brian’s eyes when we talk about it.
I see how he doesn’t want to lose his dad.
I see how his wife is scared and sad.
I don’t want to do that to my family.
Not smoking around my kids isn’t enough.
I’m still hurting them by smoking….
So I am going to quit.
Say a little prayer for my Father-in-law would ya??

Switching gears now:
I dont’ know if I’m going to get my MMM entries done on time.
and to be honest…I’m a little confused with MM’s new submission guidelines.
layouts can never be seen.
sorry…if you want my work to be exclusive to you…you better pay me more than a copy of a magazine and a few scrappy supplies.
you want an exclusive contract for my work…then hire me.
Sorry…just a little vent there.
I’ll still submit to them…I love MM…but I’m sure the volume of my submissions to them will be lower.
not that they care….they don’t show me much love anyway!
I’m getting nervous about the TTS DT call….I really love that site. Everyone there is so friendly. I really want to make that team!!!!!!
But if not..I shall survive I suppose.
Speaking of survival…Did any of you watch Oprah yesterday??? She went to Aushwitz (did I spell that right??) with Elie Weisel. He is a holocaust survivor.
just wow.
I have studied the holocaust before, I have read the books, I have seen the pictures, I have watched the documentaries, I have watched the movies. (schindler’s list is MUST watch it)
But I have never been so deeply disturbed by it as I was yesterday.
The babies.
Oh the poor babies.
All those shoes, little tiny shoes.
The mothers….I cannot imagine being a mother and watching those monsters do that to my babies.
It makes me wonder how a human can be so evil.
pure evil in that place.
If you get a chance to watch that Oprah…don’t miss it. I had to miss the last bit of it and I do so hope they re-air it…I really want to see it all.

American Idol…TAYLOR WON!!!! wooohoooo!!!! Yanno, I have to tell ya. I liked Katherine…I really did.
Until Elliot was voted off and they put the camera on her mom.
I canot tell you what she said….I really have no idea…but you could tell it was a “I TOLD you my baby girl would beat him” kind of thing.
Irked me.
goes back to that “self importance” thing .
Honey…you are not that important. Your daughter is talented…but don’t get cocky. It’s not flattering.
Heifer. wow…this is turning into a really long post…sorry…I have a lot to say today.
But I guess I should get away from my computer and go make a dental appointment for my kids.
Have a fantastic thursday everyone!!!!!


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  1. Man he could have caused her to have an accident – poor old lady – he will get his sometime!

    Very entertaining blog so much to read – good luck on quitting smoking – best gift you can give yourself I think!

    I heard about Katherine’s mom; I’m sure K will still do great but hah now because of that… – Diana from TTS

  2. Loved this blog entry! You tell it well!!! Prayers for your FIL. Good luck quitting smoking. I am always asking my daughter to quit. Watched my Grandfather die of lung cancer (he smoked ALOT) and died at 54. Missed Oprah, but have you visited the Holocaust Mueseum in Washington, D.C.? Horrifying!!! They filmed, oh, never mind. It’s too gruesome to think of. Anyway, I loved reading your blog!!!!!

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