A little sneaky peek!!


here is a sneak peek at one of the layouts I did for www.beyondpaper.net This is for the June DT stuff, and we got to work with cherry arte!!! I have to admit…I had a heck of a time working with it…it is just so not “me”..but I loved having to stretch myself to do it!!!!
So anyway…here is the sneak peek…be sure to get over to beyond paper and check out the store and the boards…and the wonderful gallery!!!!

Another site you need to go check out is www.treasurestoscrap.com They are having a DT call there and are looking for paper and digi scrappers!! Such a fun board and the ladies there are so sweet!!! Go check it out!!!

So…what is new with me…not much really.
Brian and I went to the Northwest horse expo this weekend. it was so much fun! I got to see two clinics, one was “cowboy dressage” with Etan..and the other one was “saddling a colt” with Josh Lyons. I have been to his dad’s clinics before and they are awesome!! Brian said he learned a lot. And I actually picked up on something too. Etan was talking about “collection” and I have struggled with that with Honey for years..but I think now I have a plan!! Can’t wait to get back on her and try it out!
I also found a ton of pink tack for M’Kayla…she has decided that Honey needs “pink stuff”. It wouldn’t be funny…but that was Honey’s color when she was a yearling..funny how things come full circle! I even found a barrel saddle with a pink, ostrich seat!!! I can’t wait for Christmas this year!!!
Ok..enough horsie talk…I know most of you are scrappers and not riders LOL!!!
So, we are supposed to go camping this weekend…but I’m thinking I don’t want to deal with the rain and wet tents. So, any ideas for what to do with three kids and a three day weekend???

We rented some movies this weekend…saw the 40 year old virgin. Ok, yes, it’s crude…it’s gross…but it’s damned funny too!!!!
“Ooooooohhhhh kelly clarkson”

We also saw “hoodwinked”…ok, that goat…my dad. totally. (mom..go rent it!!! Seriously!)

Speaking of seriously…is anyone else having McDreamy withdrawls???

Moving on.
I can’t wait for the next race…Brian’s car is going to be FAST…I cannot go into detail…just can’t…but it’ll be fast! I’ll bet he’s hoping those hooters girls will come back out! *Snort*

Okies…I’m off for now..have a ton of work to do today! Have a great tuesday everyone!!!!


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  1. Hey I read your blog!!! you are no longer the blog that no one reads… hehehe!!!!
    seriously, it is great to have you at TTS… you are a wonderful addition to our site!!!!
    thanks so much for joining..

  2. I’m loving the colors on this one. The blues and greens are so fresh looking. Love what you did with this paper. You did great.

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