This is the blog that no one reads….


Remember that song??? “This is the song that never ends…yes it goes on and on my friend”….

So what is new my non-readers???
Nothing really here.
Nothing ever new here.
So today…just random thoughts:

Random thought #1:

Grey’s Anatomy: Um…ok, am I weird or was that one HOT scene between McDreamy and Meredith??? Wow. Hubba hubba!!! *DROOL*
I won’t go into detail about my feelings about that scene..but let’s just sufice to say it was my favorite of the night…
Poor Izzy….and…
Christina and Burke, Cali and George, the cheif and Meredith, his wife, and derrik, Man…COME ON FALL!!! I have to know what happens next!

Random thought #2

I cannot wait for this weekend…Brian and I are going camping for our anniversary…seven years and I am finally ok with him having his picture taken with the Hooters girls….married life is awesome…I love that he loves me. He rocks.

Random thought #3

Where is my spring??? Why did it go from cold to hot?? I moved from Oklahoma to get away from that weather….bring my spring back!

Random thought #4

Any ideas on how to stop a dog from…ahem…making mess in the carpet??? He only does it at night…he knows better…I may kill him if he does it again…seriously. (seriously?) Seriously….the McDog might McDie.

Random thought #5

the above “McWords” are making me hungry…I have a very unhealthy obsession with food. which brings me to…..

Random thought #6

They are opening a Sonic in Spokane!!! WOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Cherry limeaide…here I come!

Random thought #7

I am now officially hungry and must go to the store. Till next time!!!


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  1. hey just dropping a note to tell ya I read your blog so now you can’t say nobody reads it lol ~

    Joni from TTS ~

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