Tis Monday…again


Yes, it is monday. Brian is off to work again and I’m drowning in homework and laundry…ahhhhh..life is good!!!!

It really is good yanno.

I think I have two layouts done for MMM. One for SURE…the other I’m still debating….but two are finished!
We shall see if I stick with those two or not LOL.
Of course..as slow as I scrap, I’m running out of time..so I may just have to go with what I have!!!

I have to tell ya…I have the BEST online friends ever. And to all of you (and you know who you are!) Thank you for being so supportive of me. You are all too awesome!!!

I put in another DT submission today…here go the nerves again!!! Gotta love that feeling!!! So fingers crossed on that one!!!!

Not much else really going on in my scrappy world.

Ricky…my son…
Man is he funny!!!!

Today I was called a “stinky steamy” a total of 7 times. Had to ward off the curious stares and questions about “feminine products” ( the conversation was priceless…huh Jaime. LOL!)
Was told that Matt Kenseth, in fact, does not drive the #17 dewalt car…Andy Brown does. (andy is Brian’s best friend..he does not drive NASCAR LOL)
And had to laugh my hiney off when he discovered that his “peeper gets big”…and had to announce this to the entire house this morning.
Ahhhhhh…three year olds…gotta love em.
At least we weren’t in wal-mart right???

Speaking of Brian….didn’t do squat at the track this week…kept breaking belts…BUT….he was running in the top three every time he had to pull off the track…stoopid belts.
Maybe next week.

So…what else is going on…OH YEAH!!!
M’kayla and I had a “mommy and me” day yesterday. We went to J.C. Penny’s and had our hair done…it was
She fell asleep in the shampoo chair and almost in the barber chair…it was priceless..of course I left my camera in the van. dangit.
Then we went shopping…I got her the cutest clothes (all on clearence…for the mom who will read this…for the other person to whom it will matter LOL) and a new pair of sandals…and the most adorable swimming suit!!!!
I got a much needed haircut, some fake crocs (woah can you say comfortable!!!???) and some slippers…gotta have my slippers!!
It was fun…it was nice spending time with her….just her.
it’s been a looooooooong time since I’ve done that.
I sure love that girl.
She is my sweetest thing.

Ok..well, I’m off to agonize over my MMM entries some more…wish me luck!!!!


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