Eeek! Blogger problems!!!


So sorry I havn’t updated much this week! For some reason…every time I tried to, Blogger was having “issues”. week. Gosh, I so wish I could say it’s been a fantastic week…full of new and exciting news.
but it wasn’t.

So let’s have a look at some of the usual topics, shall we?

  • Brian. Didn’t do to hot at the track last weekend…finished 5th in the heat and the main…got in a wreck..ruined a $100.00 nose. And of course that is the night our pastor decided to come out..along with Brian’s sponsor. Figures huh??? But he will be back this week..hopefully he will do better!!!
  • Kids: Clayton- He is still fighting me about doing his homework..evidentally the thought of having to repeat the 5th grade has no effect on him. *sigh* I so want him to be successful. But some days I get sooooooooooo tired. He also had his first broken heart this week. “Bug” (his girlfriend) broke up with him…he was crushed. Poor guy. That first one must be the worst…

M’Kayla- OMG can you say SASSY??? She has been so mouthy this week!!! Weepy and whiny. Not sure what is up with her..but she is driving me nuts!!! She is so stinkin cute though…and so smart…too smart. Little stinker!!!

Ricky- two words….potty training. Need I say more??? Evidentally it is perfectly acceptable to “water the grass” instead of coming inside to use the toidy…seems a little heart-to-heart with the hubby is in order. But he is doing well…hope it works this time!!! (read: hope mom doesn’t get lazy and stick a diaper back on him.) We had a wonderful time this week…got some awesome pictures of him and spent the afternoon today sitting in the back yard with him and Honey…telling him all about horses.

  • Scrapbooking: Wow…so much to talk about!!! I am pretty sure I’m going to enter MMM this year. (stop laughing at me…it’s not nice.) But I am still on the fence. And can I just say WOW at the controversy over at 2p’s about the rules!!! I will refrain from voicing my opinion about it…I have found that keeping your mouth shut and ears open is much more effective than the opposite. Anyway…I think I’m entering..and I think I got one layout done already. Wish me luck!! I’m still doin the DT thing over at ..such fun ladies over there! I’m also looking into a couple of other DT’s..but I’m debating. I don’t want to be overwhelmed. I am going to be playing along with the NSD festivities over at you should come over and play too!!! Awesome prizes and lots of cool challenges!!! I am doing it because I have come to realize that I am incredibly slow when I scrap..and you just can’t scrap slow at a cyber crop…so I’m going to exercise my “git-R-done” muscles. It’s going to be a blast!!!
  • Other stuff: Let’s see here…Ummmm…nevermind..that’s enough of my mind numbing banter for one night…have a good one!!!!

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  1. well hellllllo busy gal lol…sounds like you definately have had your hands full the past while..wishing you all the best with your MMM entry ~ you rock and don’t deny it!! you’ll do fab!! love ya tons xoxox

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