Just shoot it!!!


I had a wonderful afternoon today. I decided to ignore the moutains of housework I had to do and all of the chores I had calling my name and took my camera outside.
I decided I would shoot whatever tickled my fancy…try some different angles..toy with some settings.
I had a lot of really bad shots….
but I had some really good ones too!!!

You should try that sometime….just take your camera out…follow your three year old around and view the world through his eyes.

Make your 11 year old feel like a celebrity and get some blurry shots of him and his friends jumping their bikes.

Get up close and personal and find the beauty in that dandelion that mars the pristine green of your grass.

Finally get that one shot of your pre-teen you have wanted for so long.

There is beauty all around you…you just have to shoot it!!


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