No Gnews is good Gnews


Wow…I have been really bad about keeping up with my blog lately. Maybe because I have nothing even relatively exciting to write about…at least nothing that isn’t negative.
And i am so over negative.
I have realized that I tend to only vent here in my blog and that just isn’t really me!!
I am generally a pretty happy person!!!
I enjoy life!!
So my goal is to say something nice or say nothing at all.

So…my something nice for today is:

Ricky is almsot potty trained!!! Yippie!!! I cannot wait for the day I no longer have to pad the pockets of the huggies man!!!

It is a bright, sunny, wonderful day!!! I just love spring!!!

M’Kayla wanted two “sugars” before she left for school today instead of one…I love her little kisses!!!

Clayton is so handsome and so helpful…he is truly an awesome kid.

Those are my good things…what are yours????


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