And THAT is how you git-R-done!!!!


Ok, yes…I complain about the racecar. I complain about his devotion to it. But can I just say I am one PROUD and non-complaining wife today???
Saturday was Brian’s first race of the season.
I told him this was “his” year.
He said “we’ll see”

So…he heads out to the track on saturday, gets there and doesn’t even get to hot lap the car…just has to go out and qualify it.
Now, for all of you non-racing people…you have to break in a new motor…and you never know how a car will handle after sitting in a garage all winter…so it’s a GOOD THING to get those hot laps…but anyway..
He didn’t qualify so well.
the motor had a miss
So I guess he tinkered with it.
then he placed 2nd in the heat race!!!
And then….and I am still on cloud nine…
He WON the main event!!!!!!!
I am so stinkin proud of him.
He not only won it…he won it by about half a track.
Silver is now the “silver bullet”
that is one FAST car!!!!
So I will treat you to a picture of the winning pair…I have one awesome husband!!!!


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