Ahhhh…that’s better!!!


I’m really sorry about the negative tone to my recent posts…you all must think I am the most depressed person in the world!!!
So I’m sorry…
But…just incase you are interested…I am feeling much better!!!
I spoke with my mom today, and she has finally gotten in touch with my Granny’s doctor, and we now have a plan to help her…I do feel much better about that!!!!
I have also got a plan in the works for Clayton. He may have to repeat the 5th grade, but I think in the long run that may be what is best for him. I spoke with his principal today and we are all going to have a meeting…I won’t go into detail…but I think this is headed in the right direction.
I also am putting the plan in motion to get to the bottom of his “issues”. I am going to have him tested for Aspergers….and if that isn’t the problem, I am going to insist on a brain scan and some other tests. Drugging the kids is NOT the answer to his problems.
I have to say, I am really enjoying this new voice I have found.
I will never be afraid to be an advocate for my children again!!!!
So…things are better!!!!
Again..sorry for the negativity!!!
on to other things!!!!!
I’m excited…really excited.
I’m going to apply for a Manuf. DT!!!
That has been a goal of mine..but I have always been to chicken to do it.
But I am finally going to take the plunge and apply.
Between that, a DT, and the MMM contest…I’m going to be a scrappin fool!!!
I can’t wait!
Easter was so much fun…the kids had a great time and my hubby surprised me with a $20.00 GC to my LSS!!! I can’t wait to go shopping!!!!
Have to get those supplies for the contests LOL!!!
Anyway…I also took some pics at easter…some of them turned out really well!!! I can’t wait to scrap them!!!!
(thanks Jaime for the pointers!!!)
I will leave you with one of them…hope everyone has a great week!!!


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