*before I start this post…a note to Jaime: No…I wasn’t upset with all!!!! The only way you could make me mad is if you like, won the lottery and didn’t come up here to visit me..I’m sorry I had to let you go when you called back…stupid men. grrrrrrrrrr. smooches!!! *

Ok…now back to my nerves!!!

Is it possible for a “nobody” with a cheap camera to win memory makers masters???
Probably not.
but I’m gonna give it a try!!!!
yep…that’s right, this morning I printed out the rules for the contest.
I’m going to enter.
I’ve never entered a major contest before.
I’m nervous.
I have no illusions that I’ll even get a HM…
but I’m going to try!!!!
I already feel the pressure…and the deadline is months away.
But if nothing else..this is going to push me to make some outstanding pages…
not like the stuff I normally do!
This is going to require some stressful work for me…
much scrap shopping
many hours sitting at my desk creating…
I wonder if I will be able to handle and creating.
I think I’ve got that covered.
Anyone else going out for this???
Anyone else going to join me in the stress and shopping??
I’m nervous.
Really nervous!
Ok…now I’m off to clean things up and get ready to take some pics of the kids coloring easter eggs!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!!!!

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