It’s Easter weekend!!!!


Yep!!! That’s right!! Time to color eggs, eat lots of chocolate bunnies, and wear pretty dresses!!

Ok…no dress will look pretty on me..
scratch that idea.

Oh…hey!! I’m WARM again!!! yep..went and got the part for the pellet stove. Ahhhh…warm…feels good!!!!
I just realized.
I have nothing important to say.
(like that is any different than any other post on here right??)
I had a nice, long, informative post ready in my head…and poof…the neighbors came over and it was gone.
darn those flanders!!!
“hi-diddily-ho neighbor type people!”
that is how he says hello to us.
they are nice..but oh so annoying.

Ok…my thoughts have officially left the building…i’ll try this again later.


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  1. Wish we could have chatted longer on the phone this evening!!!! Wanted to make sure you weren’t mad with me for letting you go earlier :o(

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