Wow! it’s thursday!


Where did the week go??
It’s been a rather awful, unproductive week for me if I’m honest about it. Our pellet stove went out, and without going into detal and turning this into a rant…it’s been cold.
But not like “Look mom I can see my breath!” cold..
so that’s ok
Tomorrow..fixed pellet stove and a warm me…ahhh..can’t wait!
I have done nothing this week..really.
Oh wait..I have spent a few mornings cuddled up on the couch with Ricky..watching Bob the builder.
I guess I did something after all!!!
Guess what!
I have a mentor!!! Finally someone took pity on lil’ ol me and said they would help me….
of course..she was extremely sweet and told me she looked at my work and wasn’t sure what help she could give, cause she says I’m already good.
I don’t see it
I’m gonna totally pick her brain next time I do a page!
I won’t tell who she is..just incase she wants to keep in on the down low…but I can tell you she is an amazing scrapper!!!
I’m very happy and thankful that she has agreed to help me!!

Speaking of pages and all things scrappy…
I submitted three pages for calls today..cross your fingers for me!!
I’d love to have another pub…I mean, I’m not gonna cry if I never do…but it’d be nice.

Is “yanno” a word???
someone asked me that this week…I’m not sure…I know I use it a lot..yanno.
Guess that calls for some research.

I am really loving the DT gig at beyond paper! The ladies there are so nice and funny!! I can’t wait to see what I can do with my kit…I really want to do a good job for the site!!
I also sent in my submission for another DT contest. The sketch we had to use kicked my rear…but I got it done!!! And I think the page turned out cute!!!
I’ll share when I can..but right now it’s tied up in a submission!!

Props to my girl Jaime…you are the D.J. girl!!! Congrats on your secret toot..whatever it is!!

Sooo, do you remember reading rainbow??? I do.
Freaks me out when I hear my kids singing that theme song.
makes me feel old.
Not as old as my mom! My brother asked her something the other day about the “old days…yanno (there’s that word again) like in the 70’s”
I had to laugh at that one.
Of course..that made me feel old again too.
(just for the brother is going to be 10 this year..yeah..BIG age split!)

Ok…American Idol.
what the??? Elliot in the bottom three!? No way. Can we please just send Kelly home now??? Please???
She is really starting to annoy me
she makes us uneducated country hicks look bad.
who the hell says “snot rag” on national t.v.???
That is just gross.
All I can say is “go Chris!!”

Ok..I’m not going to bore you with any more random thoughts from my ever-bouncing-from-one-thing-to-another brain.
Have a fantastic week everyone!!
(oh..and just a PSA…easter is this weekend…I..yanno..forgot)


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  1. good luck with your DT submission *big grin*
    i hope you have a fabulous weekend……i will be around alllll weekend scrappin’ my heart out
    oh hey you submitted three layouts? awesome good luck! I submitted a couple to the cantata baby call of my neice so we shall see…no biggie if i dont get a call but it was worth a shot cuz she is too cute lol
    love ya! xoxox

  2. I *loathe* Kelly Pickler. She needs to cut the act..cause in my opinion…that’s all it is. I love Chris….what a CUTIE!

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