Oh it’s monday alright


All day long I guess…a little rundown of my monday…

Blower motor on the pellet stove went out..and the part had to be ordered it’s gonna be a cold night.

Kids are out of lunch money at school..and for some reason they couldn’t wait to give me the slips when they got home..they had to call from school and tell me…ummm..is there enough for you to eat today??? Yes?? Then go eat and don’t worry about it!

Ricky decided to be potty trained today. So far, one accident..not bad! But tiring running to the bathroom at every turn..*sigh* it’ll be over soon..then he can go on his own..I just have to hang on to that LOL!!!

Currently..if you were to peer through my screen door..this is what you would see….

  • a big mess…there are pellet stove parts hangin out on the table and a vaccum in the middle of the living room
  • Ricky, running and screaming through the house, in his thomas undies and jammie shirt…with one arm out of the sleeve.
  • M’Kayla…chasing her scantily clad brother
  • the dog eating spilled tortilla chips off the arm of the couch
  • my scrap table…with the beginnings of a layout on it and a sketch that continues to kick my butt!
  • me…at the computer…blogging and hoping the dog gets ALL the chips so I dont’ have to vaccuum the sofa.

Yep…it’s monday.


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