Thank you Willy and Mr. Armes.


*Before I start this post…I wanna say..Amy Howe, why did you lock up your blog??? I sure hope it wasn’t because those poopie-heads who sent you icky emails were bugging you. I hate that anyone is mean to are too sweet!!* on to my post.

There has been a lot going on at the pub lately. I lurk there a lot. I just have never felt like I “belong” there…I feel like I’m out of my league there. But that’s another post.
All of the posts there tonight have got my rusty wheels turning. And while I’m sitting here thinking about my scrapbooking, submitting, contests and such…I hear this voice in my head.
It’s my Agriculture Education teacher from high school.
Funny how that man can still make me stop and think.
I wonder if he really knows how much of an impact he made on me.
And not just cause I thought he was hot.
cause he was…the stud duck, the bull goose…yup yup yup :: tugging on my belt loops :: (anyone who knows Don Armes will totally get that!)
But that’s another post too.
When I was in high school, I had this horse named Willy.
Well, technically his name was “last Deck”…but we called him Willy.
Or willard.
I miss him.
Willy was not a pretty horse.
He was what is called a “bay roan”…appaloosa.
He had a broom tail..that is…not much hair on it.
He was missing his top two front teeth.
He was a character.
But I loved him.
Anyway…. I used to show willy. Initially only in the speed events..barrel racing, pole bending, etc.
Willy kicked ass at the speed events.
Beat horses that had been purchased with what could pay for college tuition.
It rocked to kick their butts.
But one time I decided to put willy in a halter class…that is they judge the horse on looks…conformation.
I was incredibly disappointed when we walked out of the arena with a 6th place ribbon…there were only 6 horses in the class.
We placed last.
But the wise Mr. Armes pulled me aside and told me this: “When you show your horse in a halter class, you are asking for someone elses OPINION of your animal. And what is appealing to some, may not be to is all a matter of opinion.”
Which brings me to scrapbooking contests.
When you enter your layout in a contest..or for that matter submit it for are, in essence, asking for someone elses OPINION of your work.
And what may be a perfect layout for some..may not be for others.
For example…I lean more toward layouts that are what some would call “busy”…if I were judging a contest…these are the layouts that would catch my eye first, and if I had to choose between two layouts, and one was a really “linear” layout and one was a “busy” layout..but had equal appeal and talent levels…I’d pick the “busy” one.
Just like some judges like Quarter horses..and some like appaloosas.
It doesn’t mean one is “better”…it’s just someone’s opinion.
So…the next time you submit to a contest or call..and no one give you the nod..remember what Mr. Armes said. It’s someone’s opinion, not a reflection of how much talent you have or how great your page is…
Some judges just don’t like spots.


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