So Jaime asks….


What are you loving right now???

It’s a great question.
I need to think about these thing..because I’m just not feelin the love lately LOL!!! ya go..this is what I’m loving right now….

  • being on a new DT and making new friends.
  • fishy lip kisses from my baby boy
  • listening to M’Kayla sing to her barbie DVD
  • watching Clayton become a young man…it’s an awesome thing to watch them grow.
  • seeing that spring is well under way…I love this time of year!
  • working on my life art journal..and the fact that it facilitated an email from Ali E. Woah I almost choked when I saw that email!!!
  • Having a great friend to talk to, laugh with, cry with, share ups and downs with…even if she is clear across the country.
  • Looking into my future and seeing a healthier me..that is a good thing!!!

Now..some things I’m not lovin..just to balance it out…

  • That disturbing “knock” in the motor of the van…I just wanna cry when I hear it…I cannot afford to get it checked out. I love my van.
  • fighting with Brian.
  • being broke…I hate being broke.
  • Seeing a friend hurting…and knowing there is nothing I can do but be there to listen.
  • being fat…I hate being fat…but I’m working on it (right Jaime!?)
  • auto racing..I’m just not lovin it right now…at all.

So what are you lovin right now!?


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  1. I want you to know that I am sending THE BIGGEST HUG clear across the country to you RIGHT NOW. Because you are an awesome person, an amazing friend and my best buddie!!!!!!! I am here for you…totally here, anytime, day or night. Even midnight. I might sound groggy…but I’m there, k? ((((HUGS))))

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