They call me Mrs. Fixit


Or at least they should.

I just had an awful day when I got up this morning, I bounded out of bed determined to have a better day today.
Guess what.
I got up and watched some t.v….then I remembered that my buddie wasn’t going to be online I give her a call, make some coffee…and then while I was talking to her…decide to stick a load of wash in the dryer..turn it on and hear…
something like that anyway.
Jaime asks if I’m grinding more coffee.
that’s my dryer.
I could have just cried.
But Jaime distracted me…we talked about my big butt..more about that later…
So after I get off the phone…I decide to pull that sucker out and see if I can fix it.
Well, after many cut knuckles, lots of sweeping, and plenty of cussing…I manage to get the back cover off and take off the chute for the lint.
(hey..that’s where the noise was coming from!)
Turns out my DARLING baby boy (whom, it just so happens, swallowed a marble last night…still no sign of it) decided to stick two pencils and one of daddy’s sockets down the chute.
what fun.
Turns out pencils will jam up fans and make dryers make awful sounds! Who knew?
So…call me Mrs. Fixit…I fixed it.
Now…about my big butt….
Jaime has started this workout program (hooray jaime!)
Well, I guess it’s easier if two people do it she has convinced me to join in with her.
I’m excited now, but ask me how I feel about it on thursday morning after that mile walk!!!
Oh..and one other thing.
I have picked a date.
I’m going to quit smoking!
April 30th is my last day.
Sounds corny…and I’m sure ya’ll are like “who cares?” right???
Well…I figure if I post it here…all of you will yell at me if I screw up right???
I need that support.
So wish me luck!!!
Heck, if I can fix a dryer…I am certain quitting smoking is something I can do right???


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  1. good luck quitting smoking Christi…remember I always got your back…I dont care how big you think it is – ROTFL!! Now this exercising thing…you can do it – I have been doing it and I feel so much better about myself…and I know you will too!! I’ll be here cheering you on all the way girl
    love you tons

  2. LOL@ the dryer…Cody shoved hotwheels down the toilet one day and you should have seen our faces when the plumber removed the toilet and they were sitting there in the pipe thing in the ground…aren’t kids grand…

    Good luck on the smoking thing, I wish I had the umph to quit!

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