Life art journal page


Well, I did my first page in my life art journal. Wow…yanno, it’s not fantastic or anything…but it felt GOOD to write the journaling.
It’s kind of a downer..but I’ve had a downer kind of day LOL. This entry deals with my depression.
I think the journaling is really kind of choppy…it doesn’t flow well. But then again..this is for one else.
I’m still debating if I want to actually post the journaling…it’s pretty personal..and yanno…mom reads this LOL. (She’ll read it and call and say “are you ok??”…gotta love mom!!!)
I may change my mind…but for now, I’m not going to type it out. But I’ll let ya have a looksie!!!
Here it is! (besides…I think if you look REALLY can read it)


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  1. I’m prolly not gonna post most of my journalling either…BTW I think this is amazing and good that you write about that stuff…that’s what it’s for right?

  2. veryThis is awesome! I’m just going to post my layouts as they are – if you can see the journaling, then okay, but I’m not going to go out of my way to type it up for everyone – like you said, this is for you, not us. It’s the importance of getting it down, letting it out and moving forward from there. Awesome job!

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