RIGHT ON!!! I got a job!!!!!


Well, at least that is how I think of a DT gig!!! Yep..that’s right, I was picked to be a designer at http://beyondpaper.net/forum/index.php I love this site!!! All of the ladies are soooooo cool…and I am so excited to be on the team!!!!
Yeah me!!!
(sorry…I don’t usually pat myself on the back…but yanno..this is something I’ve wanted for awhile now…I mean..read down a few posts LMAO!!!)
So…stop in and visit me there sometime!!! Super fun place to hang!!! (oh..and share is there..which makes it even more interesting! *wink*)

Ok….off to do my happy dance some more!


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  1. WHOOO HOOOO!! Christi and I are designing together once again! And imagine this all happened cuz I totally fluked out and linked on your blog one day!!! xoxoxox

  2. CONGRATS…I want on a team so bad…I just have to keep on truckin’, of course there really is only the one team I want,LOL.

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