My life art journal


You all may remember that Jaime Warren is hosting a sort of “life art journal” thingie on her blog…
(check it out here: )

So I was trying to figure out exactly how I wanted to do this…and was having a hard time.
Then last night, I was a yokes (our local store) and saw this little sketch book buried under some sprial notebooks. I just had to take it home!!
As soon as I sat at my desk, inspiration hit…like a brick!
I am so incredibly happy with how it turned out…it’s been a long time since I’ve been happy with any of my work.
But this
I’m happy with.
Here is my cover…it is titled “My art, my life…a journal of moments”

The picture really doesn’t do it justice….but then I’m not much of a photographer LOL!!! It really is pretty..really.

The inside cover has a dedication to my kids on it..and a photo of me on the opposite page…I’ll post that soon.

Jaime…thank you so much for doing this…and Ali Edwards, though I know you will never read my measly little blog…thank you for inspiring Jaime…who inspired me…and the hip bone’s connected to the…thigh bone!! LOL!!!

Happy scrapping ladies!!!

(psssst…go sign up with Jaime to do this journal…it’s awesome!)


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