It’s friday!! Yeeehawww!


Ah yes…friday.
What can I say? Today has been one of those days…totally.

I won’t go into it…but men suck.
suck. that out of the way!

M’Kayla had her very first “playdate” today…I felt so “soccer-mom-ish” going to a playdate! *snicker* And I had been worried too…the other girls mom was so incredibly perky on the phone…I was certain I wouldn’t like her. I was wrong! Turns out she’s pretty cool! So I think maybe sis will have more playdates! I know I could sure use the adult interaction!
Heyyyy..maybe I can turn her on to scrapbooking…hmmm..that’s an idea!
And then…M’Kayla (she had a great day today) got a call from a friend she had that had moved away tonight! I was so stoked for her!! She talked and talked and talked. Sometimes I envy that kid…I wish I had been that outgoing. Anyway…they exchanged addresses so now she has two pen pals!!! (and as often as she sends Hailey letters…mama better stock up on stamps!!)
Which reminds me…I was supposed to mail Jaime’s stamps today…I didn’t make it.
It wasn’t my fault.
(see above “man” comment)
I will mail them…I promise…oh, and were right..the movies are still here too. *sigh*

I’m nervous again…not sure why…I do not know why I get so hopeful about these DT’s I try out for..lately my work has sucked eggs. But I think I know why!
I’m just not diggin the “in” style of scrapbooking right now.
I like the way I scrapbook.
I like lots of “stuff” on my pages
I like poingnant (did I spell that right??? ) journaling that my kids will read in 15 years and enjoy.
So if that means I get no DT love or Pub love…so be it.
The way I scrap is me…and that is my life art…I shouldn’t have to change it for anyone.
Anyway…back to my nerves…
I’m nervous…the DT announcement will be made within the next few days..pins and needles here!!!
Then there is another one I want to try for too
I’m lovin this site!!! It’s 2 scrappy chicks…way fun girls!!!
So yeah…
I think I’ll try for that one too.
I’m sighing a lot tonight.
I’m sorry.
I should try to be more chipper.

I have not got my album for the thingie I’m doing with Jaime…I was going to get it today…again..the man thing.
I’ll try to pick it up tomorrow and get to work on it.
I’ve been trying to come up with a title for it.
I’m thinking either “Me, unscripted” or “my life, my work, my love. ” … Can’t decide yet…and I may come up with something else completely different…
I’ll get back to ya on it.
Ok…I’m outta here.


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  1. never give up girl…your work is awesome!! it just seems that lately there are like a gazillion people trying out for design teams – design team whores! oh wait…that could be me…LOL! i am glad you are over at 2SC the girls there are hilarious!!! hope your weekend is going good! love ya! xoxoxox

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