Thank you all!!!


My deepest thanks to each and every one of you who replied to my last post…even to my mom…who is evidentally too lazy to post here..she has to email me instead. (pssst…mom! post makes me look popular!)
I am doing much better today…so thank you, thank you, thank you! I have got the BEST friends…even if they are online friends..ya’ll are the best!

Would you believe I pulled out my fridge and cleaned behind it today???
(mom, don’t faint)
Yep…I did.
I will not go into any detail about what I found under there…but lets just say I will be doing that more often.
A LOT more often.
wow…it was scary.
But it’s clean now!!! All smelly-good and bleached!!!
the stove.
Wish me luck.
I also spent a little time working in the yard today…that felt GOOD!!!
I just love being outside…it’s soothing to the soul…I truly believe that.
right now I’m just working on cleaning up leaves and stuff…
gonna have a bonfire soon
Ya’ll come on over and have a weenie roast with me!!!
Tell the hubbies it’s not as bad as it sounds…really..

Ok….a little serious stuff now…
I love that child.
Love him with every fiber of my being.
But I may have to hurt him.
yanno, like stick my foot in the general area of his rear end.
I had a phone conference with his teacher today…Clayton is not doing so hot at school.
Here are his grades:
Science B+
Social studies B-
Spelling B-
Writing C-
Reading D
Math D (this should be an F..but his teacher is trying to keep him going)

I am just not happy with this…he said that Clay is having trouble focusing and is easily distracted (typical ADHD kid) and that he likes to use the excuse “I can’t help it..I have ADHD”
THAT pisses me off.
That is not an excuse.
I just wish I knew what I could say or do to help him understand. To help him “get it”
I wish he could understand his potential…and strive to do better.
So tomorrow I am going to call the elementary school and see if they have anything to help me help him…and I’m going to call the highschool and see if maybe one of the *stellar* students there might want to make a little$$ tutoring. *sigh*…I just wish he didn’t struggle so much. I really wish things came easy for him..nothing has ever come easy for him. But I am determined to do everything I can to help him..that’s for sure!!!

The race car is almost done…the jamboree is next sunday. boogity boogity boogity!!!
And yes…I saw that guy in the F-1 car get killed this weekend…yes that crosses my mind…
he straps in.
But, I get it…I really do. I didn’t give up jumping when Christopher Reeve was paralyzed…I didn’t give up barrel racing when I watched a friend have a nasty spill. So I get it.
He loves racing….what can I say LOL!!!
Ok…I’m going to seriously quit boring each of you to tears…I’m going to go cook dinner..have no clue what..but I’m going to cook.
Take care all! And thank you again!!


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