I am so sad, and at a total loss.


I just got done with M’Kayla’s parent/teacher conference. She is doing wonderful, reading and comprehending above grade average, math skills are nearly above average, language skill are awesome, social skills rock.

Then I got home and Clayton handed me an envelope from his teacher. It has all of the information for me to look at from the phone conference we did yesterday. So I open the packet and start looking through it. I am mortified, embarrassed beyond words.
Aside from the fact that his grades suck eggs….I get these notes, notes from Solutions…the place they send the kids when they misbehave…
I am just enraged at his behavior…here is what they say (oh and there are 11 of them just since January)
1/18/06- “Clayton was very disrespectful to me when I tried to get his name for pushing another student in bus line.”
1/20/06-“Clayton threw a snowball into a group of students exiting the field to line up.”
1/25/06- “Clayton was disruptive in class when he should have been reading”
2/1/06-” Clayton ran to the edge ofthe sidewalk to retrieve this toy when the buses were arriving. I walked over to discuss this with him. He was hitting the student behind him with his yoyo. I asked him for the yoyo. He said “NO”. I asked him for his name. He refused to give it to me. (another teacher supplied his name) I told him he wasn’t to run out there. He could have asked an adult. He finally gave me the yoyo. He was very disrespectful and rude.”
2/7/06- “Clayton was disruptful in class, talking out of turn”
2/8/06- “Clayton was messing around in class with another student, being disruptful”
2/14/06- ” Extremely disrespectful. Argued and shouted at the teacher. Blamed the teacher for his lost work. Pointed his finger to the teacher’s face and shouted at him. Very very rude”
2/21/06- ” Being disrespectful in class”
3/1/06- “Being rude to other students”
3/16/06- ” Blurting out in class, using “baby talk” and acting immature”
3/16/06- ” was rude to two teachers”

Ok….what the hell???!!!!!
The throwing a snowball thing…eh, not good but forgivable…kids throw snowballs. But shouting and sticking his finger in a teachers face???!!!! Refusing to give the teacher his toy or name????!!!!!
I am just really not sure what to do now. I have tried EVERYTHING with this kid! I have medicated him, I have spanked him, I have grounded him, I have taken his games, I have taken his toys, I have yelled, I have begged I have cried I have pleaded I have threatened I have…..Oh I have done it ALL!!!!!!!!!
I really just want to cry right now. It is unfathomable to me, to stand in front of a teacher (or any adult) and have the BALLS to put your finger in their face. I would NEVER have even THOUGHT about doing that at his age…hell, I’d be hard pressed to do it now!!!!!!
What am I doing wrong with him???? Why does he act like this????
I have exhausted every idea I have…I do not know where to go from here.
I am so very, very sad.


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  1. oh no Christi..I am so sorry you are going through a rough time with your son. Let’s hope its just “that age” or “a phase” and I hope you find some good supports to help through this time
    love ya lots girl – take care

  2. Oh sweetie :o(
    I don’t even know what to say. I know how exasperating it can be to feel like you have tried everything to no avail.
    Many (((HUGS))) and love coming to you girlie!!

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