The Costco workout


Who knew a trip to costco could be a fat burning experience???
Brian and I became “members” of this exclusive club, where you get to buy food in bulk.
We did it becuse, with three children…well…we NEED to buy food in bulk.
big bulk.
So yesterday I decide to put this exclusive membership to use and headed to costco…three year old in tow.
I never knew there were so many others like me!
Ok…so…back to the workout…
I get in the parking lot and by some miracle find a parking spot right up front…I guess it’s all in the timing.
I show my little card with the horrible, little, pixelated photo on the back and I enter the world of bulk shopping.
I stop and fondle the cannon rebel they have on display….I can’t help it…I have to fondle it every chance I get.
Then at the three year old’s insistance, I come out of my fantasy world and realize I need to get this shopping done.
So I go around this store and load up my cart (and boy that doesn’t take long when you are buying boxes of oreo’s and packages of two post roasts.) Get to the check out and pay (after choking at the amount of money I’ve spent)
I get everything loaded in the car and head for home….after all..who wants that 7 pounds of ground beef to spoil???
Now here’s where the workout comes in….
lugging all of that stuff from the van into the house…I actually got winded!! Who knew a few boxes of fruit snacks and canned peas were so heavy???
I broke a sweat putting things away.
So I’m thinking…
I’m going to video tape this little excursion next time…and sell it as the “costco workout…guaranteed to make you sweat and make your wallet much lighter!”
Think I could make some money with that?
Hmmm…..of course…it might backfire if you indulge in those oreo’s like I did.
Have a great weekend everyone!!!


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