Warning…gross pictures ahead!!!


Ok, so the wonderful ladies over at www.scrapaddict.com have been challenging eachother to take self portraits and post them.
I, however, am not that brave.

But it did get me thinking….Do I have any pics of me??? Not really…and yanno what??? If they ever have to show my photo on the news or america’s most wanted…I want them to have some to choose from!
Because the “photographer” at sears sucks.
So I grab my trusty ol’ camera and head outside….I take better pictures outside….position myself in front of the biggest tree in the yard (cause Lawd knows it has to be BIG if I want it in the background!) figure out how to hold the camera so I can shoot myself, and start snappin away.
The horses came over….quizzical looks abound…but they quickly lose interest and I’m left with my audience of three dogs and one toddler. (wait…is he a toddler??? anyway)
Ricky says “mommy…whatchu doin???”
“taking pictures baby”
Off he goes…completely not interested.
So anyway…here are the pics I got…hints the warning in the title of this post. Gross.
I have GOT to go on a diet…I have more chins than a chinese phone book.
And damn…when did my hair get so dark???? Not to mention lifeless!!!
Just ew.
so…here they are…or rather…here I am. And just so you know…I am not responsible for any damage to your eyes or emotional state of well being.
Look at your own risk!

this one…not too bad!
but man..that SCHNOZZ! Holy teeth-gaps


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  1. well hello stranger….! I am bored at work and happened to stumble on your blog!! I’m like “Hey I remember her!!” Ahhh the FS2M days…miss those…miss everyone! I guess life carries on and everyone went their seperate ways – great to see you again though! I will have to bookmark your blog and peek in again soon!!! xoxoxo Share 😀

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