Do you smell that????


I do!!! I smell it coming through my open windows today. It’s SPRING!!!!
Oh it is just a beautiful day today. I actually opened my windows and there is a wonderful breeze wafting through my house…ahhhh…I love spring!!!
Of course
Living in Washington
It’ll snow tomorrow.
But for today, I’m going to enjoy the spring weather!!! The kids are outside and the horses are sunning in the paddock. I love it.

And guess what I heard yesterday!!!! A race car running! It is always so exciting to hear the car start for the first time every year. It’s a very tense time, wondering if all of the machine work and assembly was done correctly….wondering if anything is going to go haywire.
But nothing went wrong! The camaro is running strong, and I must say, sounding healthier than I have ever heard it!
I feel it in my bones, this year is BRIAN’S year.
I so badly want him to get the championship this year.
He deserves it.
So boogity boogity boogity…lets go racin boys!!!

I have been working on my photography a little lately. I went and bought a good photography book for someone like me…it’s called photography for dummies.
Yes, I bought a “for dummies” book. It’s really pretty cool! I’ve learned a lot already!
And I found a free online tutoral too…so I’m studying up!!!
My niece wants me to come take some portraits of her at karate….so I guess in a sense..I have a gig!
I guess you can’t really call a request from a 13 year old a “gig”…but I’ll take any experience I can get!!! After all, practice makes perfect!
So, I’m off to do some scrapbooking/gabbing at my sister in law’s house and do some NASCAR watching. Hope everyone has a fantastic Sunday!


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