Congratulations and other such things….


Congrats to all you HOF’ers!!!!! I just wanted to say that….what an amazing honor it must be!!!
and congrats to everyone who tried out and didn’t make it. Some of you should have….some of you who didn’t make it have me wondering what the folks at CK are smoking…but congrats anyway…it is quite an accomplishment to get those entries done and sent in!!!!
On to other things now…..
It’s friday. TGIF!!!
Not an exceptionally exciting day for me…as in my line of work…you don’t get a “weekend”. But I am glad I don’t have to get up at 6:30 am tomorrow.
Very glad.
I’m tired…..I sooooooooooo need a new mattress!!! I just am not sleeping well on my very tired, circa 1985 mattress.
We have had a wonderful week with Brian being off work. He got the motor set in the race car this week, we have had a lot of time to talk to each other…which is so nice!!! and we took the kids to an indoor water park in Coeur D’ alene….that was so much fun!!! I wish I had taken some pictures…but it was way too warm in there..the lens was just fogging up. bummer.
they have this huge water slide….it works kinda like a toilet bowl..yep…shoots ya into a bowl and you do a swirlie till you pop out the bottom. The kids loved it…who knew toilets could be so much fun!!!!
Ricky was just too funny…they have this little area for the smaller kids, and he was up top…sitting in front of a water slide, pondering the best way to come down (I was waiting at the bottom to catch him) when the giant bucket at the top dumped right on him and washed him right down the tube!!!
I’m a horrible mom….I barely had the strength to pick him up I was laughing so hard.
He didn’t find it funny at all, stood up, turned around and pointed his little finger at the bucket and gave it a good ol’ three year old talkin to. I’m sure he cursed a little in his three year old garble. It was hilarious. I’m horrible, laughing at my child like that aren’t I?
Ok…well, I’m off to do something productive today…and since I’ve heard that blogs need pictures…I’ll leave you with my most recent layout. I just LOVE these pics of Ricky! Enjoy!!!


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