How much is too much???


That is a question that has been on my mind a lot lately. Pertaining to scrapbooking of course.
There are some things we can never have too much of…kisses from our babies, I love you’s from our hubbies, Hugs from our moms.
But lately I’ve been whisked back to my days of high school. I’m transported to that place in time where I am standing face to face with the “popular” girl. The one who is head cheerleader, student council president, president of every club she joins….the best at everything she does.
But I have to wonder…is that “midas touch” really a good thing???
If you are a winner of every “big” contest there is….member of every one of the most sought after design teams there are…would you ever worry that people would start to resent you???
Where do you draw the line between ametuer and professional in this industry?
I will never claim to be a professional scrapbooker…I’m just not that good! But I do wonder where that line is.
At what point do you say to yourself..”I am good at this, I don’t need to worry about entry level contests, I need to persue a career now.”
Now, don’t take this to mean that I think that once you are “known” that you shouldn’t try out for contests and things….by all means, get your name out there!!! You deserve the accolades!!! BUT….why try out for “little” DT’s??? Why enter every contest there is??? If you are a “master”…why do you need to be a “HOF’er” ???? I really am confused at that. (now I’m not saying that this happens…hell, I don’t even know who the current masters or HOF’ers are!!!! this is just pure pondering and speculation on my part) I am just really curious…how much is too much?

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