You know your getting old when….


Have you ever had one of those moments when it hits you that you are getting old?? yanno, like right between the ol’ eye sockets??? Yep, had one of those last night.
Brian and I had a “night out” ….just us. It was nice, right after we dropped the kiddies off with the grandmother type person, we got in the van and immediately turned off the radio and just listened to the nothingness. Then we decided to jam to some grown up music…yep, that’s right, I turned OFF the bible songs CD. We were gettin jiggy wit it. jammin in the mini van. It’s fun to have people stare at you!!! Anyway, back to the feeling old part (as if jamming to an 80’s station isn’t clue enough). We went to dinner, had some yummy chinese food, and as we are sitting there eating, Brian says to me..
“So, what do you want to go do?”
Ah…that is the question right??? What can we do that is exciting??
We are in Spokane, the third largest city in Washington…there HAS GOT to be something exciting for two people,with free child care, to do on a tuesday night right??? Hmmm..not so fast there!!!
Suggestions were made….Fastcart (yeah…I wanna drive go-carts..NO), go snicker at things at the “sex shop” (could be fun..but then again..NO), Ice skating (can you tell Brian made all these suggestions??) Honey, I love you dearly…but I am soooooooo not putting on ice skates. I mean, don’t they make you pay extra if your large rear end causes cracks in the ice after repeated falling???? And who wants to see hippos on ice? And then there’s the whole hip replacement thing…I’d rather wait until I’m REALLY old to have that done. Thanks but no thanks.
So where, you might ask, did we end up going????? The mall. No, it’s not as exciting as you might think. We went to sears, I lovingly fondled the Canon digi rebel display, and Brian drooled over tools. (sears is evil) We bought a….are you ready for the excitment???… filter for our water pitcher!!! woooohooo…daring isn’t it???
Then we headed to the other end of the mall…and here is the exciting part…we spent the rest of our evening hanging out at opposite ends of Barnes and Noble. Oh wow I cannot put into words how exciting it was…oh no I can’t….the excitement was tangible. HA.
And you would think that maybe we could make B&N exciting…yanno..hang out in the karma sutra isle or something…but no…Brian got a new sudoku book..and I got the new Oprah’s book club selection and “Digital photography for dummies”…titilating.
Then we went and got a blizzard from DQ and headed to pick up the kiddies. It was fun, it was quiet…and it made me feel every bit of the 30 I am.
I think a night out at the local honky-tonk is in order…I need to feel young again…as soon as I drop 20 pounds so I can squeeze back into my rockies.
So it’s official…I’m old, a night out consists of dinner and a book store.

So, back to the “digital photography for dummies”…..I was chatting with Jaime yesterday (ok…milking her for photography info) and realized that my little fuji camera has LOTS of bells and whistles I didn’t know it had. So I decided last night that what I NEED to do, instead of going off half cocked and buying a Film SLR that I won’t hardly use once I master it, is learn to use the one I have…save up…and get my Rebel. That’s the plan stan.
So I get this book….I can only hope it will prevent any more frantic calls to Georgia begging for setting info for certain situations. (love ya Jaime! LOL) I hope I can finally understand “aperture” and “F-stops”. I’m going to get my lil’ cheapie camera out today and play with it…try the different settings…see what it can do. Time to graduate from “auto” mode!!!!! I’m gonna set it on the “M” that I’ve been so afraid of LOL!!

So, in closing…best wishes to all you HOF’ers….hope those calls start soon!!!!!!
I’m going to go take some Metamucil and break out the ben gay…

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