HOF madness


Creating Keepsakes Hall of Fame. A little contest, you do the layouts, make copies, send them in, then wait…..OHHHH the waiting!!! NO I did not enter…have no plans to ever enter. But a few of my friends did. And one of my VERY good friends did, and I’m rooting her on. She rocks, she’s awesome, they better pick her or I’ll never buy another CK again. (not that they give a darn if lil’ ol’ me ever buys their mag again) But back to the waiting…..
post after post on two peas, all in anticipation of the “secret toot”…you see, you cannot tell anyone if you’ve been chosen until they announce the winner..so people sign on under another name and toot “secretely”.
SO, you may be asking yourself how someone who didn’t enter could have been sucked in to this madness. Well, that friend I mentioned….I am so pulling for her!!!! I’m right there with the others….refreshing refreshing refreshing the page…waiting for that first “secret toot”. It’s maddening!!! I cannot wait until calls start…I’m neglecting house work…I’m letting the t.v. babysit Ricky…it’s horrible!!!! So my plea to the powers that be….MAKE THE DARN CALLS ALREADY so I can get back to my life!!!!
Best wishes to my buddy…you rock….HOF or not you rock..and you know it!!!!
To all the other ladies who worked so hard to try out, best wishes to all of you!!!
To the winners (that they have to eventually announce) Congratulations!
Now, for me….back to the refresh button!


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