catching up…again


I have got to get better at keeping this thing updated for my non-readers!!

Ok…so things that have happened since I last posted

  • I did not make the poppy ink DT, but I’m ok with that. Keep trying right???!!!
  • Brian’s racing sponsor came through in a BIG way…whooo hooo! boogity boogity boogity, lets go racin’ boys!!!
  • I have decided to look into going back to school…for PHOTOGRAPHY!!! Yep…I think I’m gonna do it. Can anyone suggest a good SLR?
  • I’ve been scrapping like a mad woman, trying to adjust to the recent trends, and I think I might have worked it a little.
  • Brian’s week vacation started today…yippie skippy…I get to put up with him being home all week LOL!!!

That’s about all I can think of…I am SUCH a boring wonder no one reads this!!! So I will leave you with a picture of my darling little girl with her student of the month certificate…I’m so proud of her!!!


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  1. LOOK.. I said it to Ruth and I’m sayin’ it to you.. I LOVE you guys.. but you not allowing anonymous comments keeps ME (someone who has switched to typepad) from posting!!! It’s annoying.. so just allow me and I’ll comment ALMOST daily..hehe

    Bummer about that team girl.. I’m so sorry! Ummm where are those pages that you made? LOL I wanna see!!! I KNOW you’ll get the next one. STAY positive.. and whooohoo on the moonlah!! hehe

  2. Hey!!
    Good SLR? Go for a digital Canon, Rebel XT is a great system to learn on and doesn’t cost too much. Tons of really great lenses too.

    Oh… I’m good friends with Jaime… and I surfed here from her blog, lol!

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