Just a post


Just because I havn’t posted in a while and I would hate for the two people who read this to get bored.

I’ve had a pretty interesting week so far.
Have to brag on my girl for a minute….M’Kayla got “student of the month” at school last week!!!!! I am so proud of her!!! Everyone tells me what a wonderful, smart, caring child she is. Sometimes I can’t believe she’s mine *snort* Anyway…she got a book and some certificates and yes…mommy got pictures…I’ll post them when I have the energy to walk into my scrap room and get the camera.

The weekend was pretty ho-hum. Nothing really exciting went down. We were supposed to go to a craft show..but for reasons I’d rather not discuss on the world wide web where anyone can read them…we didn’t. So we rented some movies instead. We saw wedding crashers,(eh…ok…boobies. whatever) North country (awesome flick!!!! Just awesome!!!) and corpse bride (the kids didn’t even watch it…guess that wasn’t a hit) All in all a pretty boring movie night.

Sunday was a bust….no grey’s….damnit. Who wants to watch all those award shows anyway…it was over in time…no one cares about the after party. Oh well…I’ll get my grey’s fix this week!!!!

Today was…well…just not fun at all. We got up this morning and went to the dump. After that we had to drive into downtown spokane to pay on Clayton’s clarinet…which usually wouldn’t be so bad…but in a big ol’ 1977 ford pickup…not fun. Oh how many beamers we nearly crunched.
Then it was off to pick up Brian’s motor for the race car. Now here is where the day REALLY went down hill…. It was supposed to cost around $550.00 to get it re-done, no biggie…we had budgeted that in…but when we get there…lo and behold…the ticket is actually $865.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died…Brian choked on his coke. So..now we are nearly $900.00 poorer…all I have to say is that damned sponsorship check better arrive soon…and that damned car better be season champ this year!!! Grrrrr!

Then we get home…back to the grind. I get Brian off to work and all the kids settled and sign on the internet…only to find out that one of the DT’s I’ve applied for announced early and I didn’t make the cut. It really kinda bummed me out…oh well…wasn’t meant to be I guess. I’m not going to hold my breath about the other two….I am just not good enough for a DT position I guess.

So…tonight I think I’ll just do something I know I’m good at….laundry.


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