Such a fun weekend!!!


Ahhhh…it’s been a long time since I’ve had such a fun weekend!!!
Saturday, We were hanging out at the house and the inlaws came over and visited with us. I just love it when they do that. I think (and I mean this in the nicest way) that my kids really enjoy having time with grandma and grandpa without having to “compete” for their attention. I know that sounds snarky..but it isn’t….really!!! It was just nice for them to have grandma and grandpa’s undivided attention.
Brian and his dad spent the afternoon talking about the stock car and I got some grocerey shopping and cooking done! Then later that evening, the kids were taking a nap and I decided to go to my LSS!!!! So I went and got a bunch of paper….yes…I’ve been scrapping all weekend!!!!!

Then we got an invite to go to Brian’s best friend’s birthday party…so we went and had a very nice time there!
And today we sat around and watched the race and are going to settle down for Grey’s anatomy….ahhhh….good weekends are the BEST!!!!!!


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