I’m going to change his name….


That’s right, the puppy formerly knows as Junior is now going to be called “Jaws”.
It seems fitting.
Here, to date, is a list of the things that have been chewed. A moment of silence for my “stuff” that met an untimely death in the clutches of Jaws…

  • the vacuum cleaner cord….twice.
  • the cord to the box fan
  • the lamp cord
  • Brian’s boots
  • My tennis shoes
  • Ricky’s sneakers
  • M’Kayla’s “horse shoes” (horseback riding shoes)
  • Clayton’s jeans
  • My moon boots (don’t laugh..they keep my feet warm and dry in the winter when I go feed the horses…so Pfttttt!)
  • countless wooden train tracks
  • some of Clayton’s baby pictures
  • one diet coke box
  • several soda cans
  • the “head” of my razor…not sure how well that’s gonna come out…can’t find it, he must have swallowed it…serves him right.
  • numerous socks
  • several sheets of scrapbook paper
  • a lamp shade
  • the T.V. remote
  • and last but not least….my slippers.

I am really trying to resist the urge to up and kill the little squirt. This has GOT to stop. Now I realize that puppies chew on things…I get that..I expected it. HOWEVER….Junior (aka: Jaws) seems to have separation anxiety disorder…he only does these things when we aren’t here. No chewing at night when we are asleep…only when we are gone.

So…one of two things is going to happen to our beloved puppy…either

A.) he is going to find himself tied up outside every time we leave the house.


B.) I’m going to start leaving EVERYTHING plugged in and hope the little bugger gets a good shock when he tried to make a snack out of the next electrical cord he chomps into.

Cruel I know…but he ate my slippers. That is just unforgivable.

Truly…if he weren’t so damned cute….he’d be out the door. But I know that with Labs…if you can survive the puppy years, you will have the best dog ever…and with Buck fading fast…my kids NEED junior. I just hope he stops chewing soon….I really want to like him.


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