Nevermind *updated with layouts!!!!!*


* Update!!! I went to my scrap room today and took my own challenge!!! So…here are the two layouts I did today. They are both 8.5×11 landscape, a size I’m really beginning to like!!!
The first one is titled “Happy Birthday” and is a layout of my cousin, his sister and his wife on his 26th birthday. I really had to push with this one…I used SLAB papers!!! (gulp!) It was tough to work with…but I do like the result!!! And *gasp*, I used my deco scissors too!!! Boy were they dusty!!!!

The second one is of Clay and Chelsea….the paper is Chatterbox, but I did use some older supplies on it…and I used a photo that Ricky had sliced at a weird angle…but I made it work!!! Waddya think???

Ok…your turn!!! Who’s gonna do the challenge and get the RAK????? :.)

(the following is the original post from earlier, Challenge listed below!)
I found it…it’s at the bottom of the page. Not sure why…guess I’ll have to figure that out LOL!!!
And the lack of replies just reinforces my belief that I am the only one who reads this thing!!! LOL!!!!
Oh well…I’ll entertain myself.
I think I’m going to do some scrapbooking today. Or at least try. It’s so hard to do without good paper and pictures…..hey wait! That sounds like a challenge!!!!
Ok all you non-readers…I challenge you!!!! Use some old, not so great pics and some old, not so popular paper and knock your own socks off!!!! Post a linkie pooh here in the replies (on this thread) and I just might have a little rakie-pooh for you!!!!
(ha…I’ll get you to post here yet!!!!!)
On to other news……
I am in a quandry….I think I want to apply to a few DT’s…there are so many calls out right now!!!! But I have gotten so picky about what sites to apply for!!!! Isn’t that silly??? I should just take what I can get…I mean, it’s not like I’m some “super scrapper” or anything…I don’t have people beating down my door to ask me to come design for them.
I dunno…whaddya think??? Should I take the plunge???
Well, anyway…I think I’m going to treat myself to a few hours in the scrap room…I have gotten up today, done two loads of laundry, cleaned the kitchen and got dinner in the crock pot!!! So I’m off to my scrap room!!!


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  1. Cristi, I just found your blog but love it! So add me to your list of readers…as for your sidebar, it all looks right to me (and it’s on the side where it should be, not at the bottom). If my life weren’t so crazy at the moment I’d take you up on your challenge…ugh.

  2. I”m having the same dilema. I’m on a DT right now…but thinking of extending myself to another team. Not sure. I hate to be disappointed…yet….it really doesn’t matter if they chose you…doesn’t make your layouts/art any better or worse for it, ya know? So i’m right there with ya…in the quandry.

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