Ok..I need a little help from my blog reading peeps, all four of you. LOL
there are supposed to be things over there ———————————>
there should be a photo of me and Ricky…my link to my profile…links to other blogs…and a list of my posts.

I, however, cannot see it. Could you all please tell me if you see it there??? Perty please??? and if ya don’t…maybe give the dumb blonde some advice as to why it up and disappeared??? (and NO Jaime…I wasn’t playing around in the HTML stuff again! *snicker*)

Thanks ya’ll!!!!


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  1. Did you upload it like I do? You click on it and then select it and the location. Then you have to hit upload and then WAIT for it to be done…Once it’s done you can then click done and then it takes you back to the main blogger dashboard with your image in can click on it and drag it lower- it usually drops in the top. But don’t click and hit space or you delete it. 🙂

    HTH I don’t see any photos sweetie 😉

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