I am a child of….


In answer to a blog challenge posted at this cool new site I just joined… www.theredlily.com ….. here is my answer to that question!!!!

I am a child of…the country!!!
I’m not sure how that happened really. I never really lived in the country. But I have always longed for the “simple” life.
some things about the country I love:

  • The smell of a barn. You can’t beat that blend of fresh sawdust, leather, and horses!!!
  • The way you actually get to know your neighbors.
  • The way everyone waves at you when you are driving through town.
  • Sitting on my porch in the morning, watching the sunrise, in my jammies and no one to tell me it’s not ok.
  • The way the lady at the store knows my name…and everyone elses too!
  • Lazy summer days running barefoot through the yard, chasing fireflies.
  • Kids out playing in their yard, after dark, with no fear of any of the things “city kids” have to fear.
  • the solitude….I love to sit outside at twilight and the only noise is the soft whinny of one of the horses and maybe a cricket or two!

I love country life…I am completely a child of the country!!!


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  1. Christi, you blog is awesome and SOOO me!!!! I just recently had to sell my Appy…but I totally agree with you on the country living thing 😉 I love the smell of a barn, DH totally doesn’t get it LOL

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