McDreamy, McSteamy and George…oh my!!!!


Can you believe that episode of Grey’s anatomy last night???!!!!! I was laughing, crying and then just plained SHOCKED!!!! Such good writing on this show!!!!
Ok….Christina and Burke…how cute are they??? I just love how the two people whom you’d least expect to “make it”…are doing just that. And the dancing…adorable!!!!

Alex and Izzy….the “beast”…wow..if I had to work with Alex, I’d have a beast too!!! Hubba hubba!!! But anyway…I was happy that they finally hooked up, but seeing the previews for next week, it appears the writers are going to throw a wrench, in the form of a dying patient, into that relationship. It’ll be fun to see where it goes!!!

Addison, Derick, and Mark…OK…addison is just sad. WHY is she hanging on to Derick??? Just what is in it for her??? She can’t possibly love him…I mean, hello!!! She not only slept with his best friend, we found out last night that she was LIVING with him when Derick left!
Addison..cut the man loose. Stop punishing him for something you did.
Oh, and on a side note…Mark is HOT!!! Definately McSteamy!!!!

And finally….Meridith and George….McVomit. Ok…I have to admit that initially I was appaled at the thought of the two of them hooking up. I was like “and now george will wake up from another dream”….nope…they are gonna do the deed. So sad…BUT….I also cannot wait to see where this leads these characters…it’s gonna be interesting!!!!
I just love this show….amazing writing, love the range of emotions…it’s awesome!!! And *sigh*….McDreamy is still…well…McDreamy.


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