I may just have to kill him….


Ok…not really…but after last night…it really crossed my mind!!!! I’m talking about that wonderful, oh-so cute little puppy-wuppy I brought home a few weeks ago.
Now don’t get me wrong…I know that puppies pose a lot of challenges. I get that, and expected it. However, I never expected to adopt a labrador with separation anxiety!!!!!
Evidentally that is what I have here.
Brian, the kids, and I went in last night to have dinner with Brian’s parents. We made sure that Junior went out to potty before we left…all was good.
As soon as we walk out the door he starts “screaming” and scratching at the door. (I know dogs can’t really “scream”..but that’s what it sounded like!!!) I wasn’t too worried…I figured with two other dogs in the house and about a million bucks worth of chew toys, fresh food and water, he would be ok.
boy was I wrong.
Now keep in mind we were only gone for about 4 hours…not that long at all really.
When I walked through the door last night I had one hell of a mess to greet me.
Junior had managed to pull over and completely empty the very full garbage can (that should have been taken out by my wonderful hubby…but that’s a different post all together!) all over my freshly mopped kitchen floor. Ok…that I can deal with ….dogs do that, and it’s taken 4 years to get the other two to stop doing it…I’ll scold him and that will be that.
Then I hear him “screaming” again…from my bedroom…this cannot be good.
Somehow he managed to lock himself and Buck in my bedroom. That might not have been a bad thing except that he decided that he would become “junior the devil dog” while he was in there….he pulled down a curtain, ripped open a bag of clothes I have in there to take to goodwill, (which will now need to be re-washed and re-bagged) knocked a load of clean socks, and my jewlery box off of my dresser, (do not ask me how he got up there…I have NO clue!!!) and chewed up my book…that I was nearly done with.
I just stood in the doorway with my jaw on the floor. And poor buck….I swear animals talk to each other…..he looked at Junior as if to say “oh man buddy….your ass is grass!!!”
So…I tossed Junior outside and warned Brian that if he let him in within the next hour that we would be minus one lab puppy…and set to cleaning up this mess he made.
I got the mess all cleaned…threw away the book…re-mopped the kitchen floor and was even starting to soften a little toward Junior….Until I went to get into bed……
That *&%$@!* dog PEED on my BED!!!!!!!! Yup…right up by my pillows he decided to take a wizz. I think my head split open and steam came out of my ears…because ALL of the dogs ran and hid when I screamed “JUUUUUUNIOR!!!!!! YOUR DEAD!!!!”
So…I tossed him back out the door….AGAIN…and set to changing my bed. Let me tell you….scrubbing and flipping a king size mattress at midnight is NOT fun. So I finally manage to scrounge up some sheets and blankets (we only have one set for our bed) and we go to bed.
Sometime around 2 am the little freak jumped up on the bed…..let’s just say that Junior had a flying lesson last night. I didn’t hurt him…but I don’t think he’ll get on my bed again.
Then this morning I wake up…walk out into the kitchen to start my coffee and try to wake up (it’s 7:00 am…Ricky was up so I have to be) and I hear “mommy…Junior poop in you scrap room”
Yep..that’s right…at 7:30 am I was bleaching my scraproom floor. I hadn’t even had coffee yet and I was MOPPING.
I am still rather disenchanted with him this morning…none of his cutsey-wootsey ways have gotten to me yet…and of course today we have to leave him alone again to go to my niece’s birthday party….I wonder if I could procure a chain to tie him out with for today….it’s warm enough…and maybe, just maybe he’ll get the message that bad puppy behavior only gets you tied to a tree.


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